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How to use

Discover safe, comfortable babywearing with our concise guide. Learn adjustments, fits, and tips for using our carriers effectively.

Before the first use, try on the WaterLand Baby Carrier without the baby.
Ensure all safety buckles 
are fastened and wear WaterLand as if you would wear a shirt.
Make sure you are comfortable.
Tighten and adjust all the straps on the carrier to comfortably fit you and the baby size.
Adjust the leg opening and lock the leg small safety buckles.
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Open the upper right buckle
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Insert the baby into the carrier.
Fasten the buckle. Make sure it is well locked
Fasten the upper and lower belts to ensure that you and the baby are both comfortable, and that the carrier is situated high enough. You will know the height is correct if you can kiss your baby’s head easily.

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