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What is WaterLand?

In Waterland, we have created a unique carrier that allows you to safely carry your baby in Water and on Land.

Have you ever tried to enter the water with your baby? Wow!
It is so slippery! And what happens if you have more kids, but no more hands?This is the reason we created the WaterLand baby carrier. A special carrier you can use both in Water & on Land.

International Safety Standards

“Show your little ones the world while keeping them close to you”

Hi, I’m Tammy, and I created the WaterLand Baby Carrier. I was a young mother with a 3-month-old baby and a 3-year-old toddler.

I went to the pool with my kids, and then I realized it’s not so easy… If you are a parent, I’m sure you remember those moments in the pool with one baby in hand and another in a floaty, and the stress and helplessness feeling when your kid flips in the floaty and your hands are occupied, holding your baby.

WaterLand helps you to avoid this situation and that scary moment in the pool. In Waterland we have created a unique carrier that allows you to safely carry your baby in water and on land.


Traveling with kids was never a walk in the park. So many things to carry, usually overloading on unnecessary things that seemed crucial at the time of packing. I always tried to find ways to simplify and make things easy. The baby carriers of the time didn’t play along with the simplicity theme. It took 12 steps to finally get the baby attached to me: another buckle, pulling, inserting the legs, tightening, closing in the back… stress! So then came WaterLand. WaterLand is so simple to use, and it makes attaching the baby to you a possible mission. It is lightweight and Shick and so perfect for traveling. Just adjust it once and wear it as a T-Shirt!

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Explore our baby carriers in 7 vibrant hues, each crafted to reflect your style and bond with your little one.

IMG-20231226-WA0029 1 (1)

Pink Flamingo

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IMG-20231226-WA0027 2 (2)

Keylime Green​

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IMG-20231226-WA0027 1 (2)

Pacific Blue​

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IMG-20231226-WA0027 4 (1)

Light Blue Sky​

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IMG-20231226-WA0026 1 (1)

Yellow Sunrise​

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IMG-20231226-WA0029 2 (1)

Urban Grey

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IMG-20231226-WA0027 3 (1)

Jet Black

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Your Baby and you
feel secure while in the water, and your hands are free and available

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