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The WaterLand Baby Carrier

The WaterLand
Baby Carrier

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Creating memories together

Create unforgettable memories with WaterLand, keeping your baby safe and close whether they’re splashing in the pool, strolling on the beach, or embarking on new adventures.

Going on a vacation

Take our innovative baby carrier on your vacation and make every moment into an unforgettable experience as you explore new destinations with your little one by your side.

From leisurely beachside strolls to exciting poolside adventures

WaterLand guarantees comfort and security, enabling you to cherish every adventure together as a family.

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International Safety Standards

Choose Your Color

Explore our baby carriers in 7 vibrant colors.
each crafted to reflect your style and bond with your little one.

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Pink Flamingo

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Keylime Green​

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Pacific Blue​

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Light Blue Sky​

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Yellow Sunrise​

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Urban Grey

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Jet Black

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Learn more about WaterLand BabyCarrier


WaterLand maintains your baby’s temperature in water with its innovative neoprene material.

This ensures excellent insulation, keeping your little one warm against the wind and cold, whether they’re in or out of the water.


You and your baby feel secure while in the water, and your hands are free and available.

Easy to use – just adjust it once and wear it like a T-shirt!

Padded shoulder straps.

Easy-to-control safety buckles.

Perfect for Traveling

It is the ultimate all-season baby carrier, perfect for days at the beach, pool, or even in the snow.

Lightweight and easily stored and carried in travel bags.


WaterLand has international safety certifications:

US – ASTM F2236-16a, CPSC CFR part 1226

EN – 13209-2:2015 + AC:2016

• Formaldehyde tested.

Your Baby and you
feel secure while in the water, and your hands are free and available

Stay in touch and join us on,

our worldwide journeys.

Words from Our Valued Clients

Discover firsthand experiences and feedback from our valued clients. Learn how Water Land has made a positive impact on their lives.

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